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Outbox: 14961 sms messages / last to: Denmark 2014-08-21 21:39:26
Inbox: 775 sms messages
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Receive SMS online

Receive SMS

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Free UK mobile number for sms receiving:

 uk sms uk click copy to clipboard

list of messages received to UK SMS number

6722014-08-21 21:58:1737255xxxxx
notification! thank you for order! your dedicated sms number on  is ready
7812014-08-21 09:37:0117865xxxxxx
7802014-08-21 04:44:0120100xxxxxx
انت صاحي
7792014-08-21 03:56:0112460xxxxxx
Use xxxxxxx as Microsoft account security code
7732014-08-20 22:49:0179377xxxxxx
7632014-08-20 08:56:0197152xxxxxx
Ok i will search.
7532014-08-19 09:42:0185269xxxxxx
雅虎香港手機認證號碼 xxxxxx
7512014-08-19 07:33:0192345xxxxxx
i am here now!
7502014-08-19 07:26:0192345xxxxxx
7492014-08-19 07:26:0192345xxxxxx
7372014-08-18 20:19:0112343xxxxxx
test msg from mhd
7332014-08-18 18:17:0144778xxxxxx
Your Office xxx code is: xxxxxx
7322014-08-18 18:00:0144778xxxxxx
Your Office xxx code is: xxxxxx
7252014-08-18 12:42:0144778xxxxxx
Your Yahoo ID is asaljoonxxxx, alireza_xxxx, sungcheol
7242014-08-18 12:41:0144778xxxxxx
Your Yahoo ID is asaljoonxxxx, alireza_xxxx, sungcheol
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Receive SMS

Send sms from phone or web-site to sms number for sms receiving

You can receive sms from main UK mobile carriers: O2 UK, vodafone UK, T-mobile, Orange, Three, 3, Virgin, EE, Tesco mobile, Talk mobile. Sim free mobile number. Receive sms from Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland and worldwide. SMS number have worldwide coverage, you can receive sms from any carriers and countries.

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Receive SMS online

How i can send SMS to UK number? Instruction:
1. Copy UK mobile number to clipboard (Ctrl+C)
2. Send sms to listed mobile number from web or mobile phone
3. You need waiting few second before SMS will be processed
4. You SMS message will be listed and showed in SMS Messages list

UK mobile number support worldwide sms receving. Protect your real phone number, receive sms to UK online mobile number. Some carriers can put limits, but you can test it, this is free UK number. You can receive sms from real mobile phones or from internet (web-site). Receive sms for free without limits or registration. This is shared UK SMS number, you cant use it for personal activation, notification or authorization.